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In Paris - France


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Tornikotor: multiple educational influences.

Resulting from the constructivist pedagogy, influenced by Montessori pedagogy, Tornikotor also has its roots in progressive education.

With just a few different pieces in 4 colors only  to simplify appropriation and usage by the player, the multiple basic options are described in order to create the foundations of creativity and imagination.

This heuristic approach allows the player to move naturally towards pure creation.

Using the resources of active pedagogy, playing cards guide the player trough the different levels to an intuitive discovery.



2 main topics:
- Turning things!
- Sculptures!


Special prize:
Creativity award.


4 categories of competitors in 2018:
BEGINNER: less than 6 years old.
JUNIOR: less than 12 years old.
TEENAGER: less than 18 years old.


How to participate and win?

Send a picture of the achievement only (without showing the face of the participants) according to the chosen theme and mentioning the category as well as the first name and a postal address at tornikotor@tornikotor.com.

Only pictures and first names are published.

The data is not shared even for free or sold.


 I will be by colemoi.co.uk booth during Childcare Expo Manchester!


5 years warranty!

I want to play with you during 5 years at least!

In case of troubles; send me an e-mail tornikotor@tornikotor.com